Bonita Springs Vacation Rentals - Homes & Condos in Florida

Along the southwestern coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, between Fort Myers and Naples, is a vacation town named Bonita Springs dotted with a few premier beach resorts. Bonita Springs grew in popularity till it became a premier vacation destination of Florida, so no wonder that there are many vacation rentals such as homes, condos, cottages, apartments, villas and cabins. For a very long time, Bonita Springs, Florida, was ignored by westward-bound Americans. In the 1880s, Braxton B. Coomer bought 6,000 acres of land, attracting people with his fruit plantations. Surveyors then arrived. Their description dubbed the town and its river, Survey and Surveyor Creek. 1910 marked the beginning of Bonita Springs' development. The Eagle Hotel was built. J. Henry Ragsdale bought 2,400 acres in 1912. The name "Survey" lacked appeal in his opinion, so he changed it to Bonita Springs. He further developed roads, railroads, and highway systems. The beach resorts of Bonita Springs offer now high quality lodging in vacation rentals such as condos, villas, apartments, cabins, cottages and homes. The population of Bonita Springs is estimated to be 37,992 residents, as of 2005.

Beach Resorts & Lodging in Bonita Springs

On your vacation in beach resorts of Bonita Springs, Florida, there are several essential stops for the curious tourist. Not far away from all these wonders are a broad assortment of vacation rentals like homes, apartments, condos, villas, cabins and cottages. The lodging is great everywhere in Florida and the vacation rentals offer comfortable accommodations. Bonita Beach Park runs 2.5 acres beachfront. Its boardwalk, swimming area, gazebo, and eight picnic areas at the park have the quintessential "beachy" feel. 342 acres are in constant activity in Barefoot Beach Preserve Park. Here nature is not only a beauty to behold, but is inextricably linked to all the workings of this barrier island. Tourists go to witness rarities in nature, to swim and fish, and, in general, to spend days in enjoyable leisure. Located just west of Bonita Springs is Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, which is a Bald Cypress reserve managed by the National Audubon Society. Most notable to check out are the protected trees and the boardwalk over the wet prairies and swamp lands. Lover's Key State Park is comprised of four barrier islands with the combined area of 1,616 acres. Near Bonita Beach, Lover's Key State Park's name was once apt; couples would romance under the starlight with a seemingly endless dark sea stretched out before them. Bicycle paths and walking trails run throughout the park. Canoes and kayaks are launched. Keep your eyes peeled. West Indian manatees, bottlenose dolphins, roseate spoonbills, marsh rabbits and bald eagles are prevalent in the park's environment. And if you want to see a rainbow of fascinating species, the Everglades Wonder Gardens has rare birds, panthers, alligators, flamingos and bears. Opened in 1936 as a wildlife exhibition and refuge, the Everglades Wonder Gardens now also contains a botanical garden and a natural history museum. In Bonita Springs, there is also the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track.

Visit Palmira Golf & Country Club and Pelican's Landing

If the fine arts appeal to you, the Bonita Springs National Art Festivals are annual events, so mark your calendar for these special activities. Runway fashion shows are occasions to look forward to. One business which hosts many programs is Alliance Francaise, which offers museum trips, Christmas dances, golf tournaments, and more. When in Bonita Springs, the area communities such as Palmira Golf and Country Club and Pelican's Landing host Christmas tree lightings, socials, Easter brunches, golf and tennis tournaments. In Bonita Springs, not only will you meet fellow golfers, tennis players, fishermen and other like-minded people, you'll feel welcomed in these extravagant communities. Where to eat at breakfast, lunch, brunch, happy hour and dinnertime, are only as difficult as the wide variety of choices make it. For seafood, try Big Hickory Fish Nook Restaurant, Bonita Springs Grouper & Chips or the Fish House Bonita. For Italian, try Anthony's Trattoria, Focaccia Cafe or Vincenzo's at the Bay. Or for anything else, try Dixie Moon Cafe, Dolly's Produce Patch and Eatery or New York Deli. Many of the finest dining spots will be in the community clubhouses near beach resorts filled with vacation rentals such as homes, condos, villas, apartments, cottages or cabins. Many stores dot Bonita Springs, Florida. Some are easily spotted in downtown areas; some are finds that seem hidden away. All have the things you want and need, whether they are the latest in fashion, golf and tennis gear, fishing gear, or they are old-fashioned antiques, arts and crafts. Think of Florida and think of southwestern Florida and think of miles upon miles of fairways and greens, fringed with live oaks, cypress trees, wild palmettos, slash pines, sabal palms and shrubs, manicured down to the minutest leaf and pastel rose. Over a dozen golf courses (of which Palmira Golf & Country Club is probably the most famous) are in Bonita Springs, many of which are championship-standard courses. The Palmira Open may be one game you have heard of. Aside from the mild to torrid temperatures, it is no wonder why people flock to Florida and Bonita Springs. As many golf courses there are, there are even more tennis courts. Spend your vacation days working up a sweat playing tennis, and then relax by the pool, at the spa or at the beach. Lodging is great there and most of vacation rentals (homes, condos, apartments, cottages, cabins or villas) have pools and are located in beach resorts or very close to it, so everybody can enjoy water sports and other beach activities. Since Bonita Springs, Florida, is on the Gulf of Mexico, a dip in the blue water feels just as refreshing and divine as the clear skies look. And many ways to enjoy that water include: surfing, kite surfing, jet-skiing, wave running, water skiing, joy riding, sailing, yachting, fishing (both on- and off-shore) and parasailing. Forgetting yourself on the beach, under a vibrant sun, can be an all day highlight of your vacation. One stay in Bonita Springs, one round of golf, one set of tennis, one massage, and one lobster tail may just make you fond of this vacation town, fond enough to move here.